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Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratcher Toy


Cat Scratching Tree: ICT083


Color: Beige

Covering Material: Faux Fur

Board Material: Pressed Wood

Posts covered by natural sisal rope

Base is 16"L X 20" W X 36"H


Products Size:

55*30*96 cm / 22 x 12 x 37 inch  


Package Details:

Each piece packed in a carton.

Carton Dimensions: 57*42*27cm




1) Many sisal rope tubes for cats to scratch on

2) This helps deter cats from scratching on your furniture

3) Cats will love this design-multiple spots to hide or sleep

4) Cats will enjoy hours of rest/sleep and play

5) Assembly required-comes with step by step instructions and tool kit  

6) Great for single cat homes or multiple cats, especially near a window so cat can enjoy the outdoors from inside

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