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Electric Pet Grooming Table

1.Electric Dog Pet Grooming Table
2.Stainless Steel Adjustable Arm
3.Electric Pet Grooming Table
4.Dog Grooming Table

Electric Pet Grooming Table: IDG021



105 x 60 x 50-97 cm cm / 41 x 24 x 20-38 inch

The tables Can bear a weight of up to 100 kg



1) Table surface material: Non-slip pure rubber, electric lifting, beautiful rectangle top.

2) Matting pyramidal pattern, scrap resistant and easy to clean.

3) Static-free board so hair and debris do not stick and can be easily cleaned and wiped down.

4) With foot-step lifting controller and adjustable screws at the feet, it can operate easily and stand stably on different floors.

5 Sealed to stop damp entering the plywood top.

6 Adjustable arm and neck lasso to hold onto your dog

7 Heavy Duty adjustable Stainless steel Legs,will not rust or corrode like chrome.


Hotsales available color: Black, Blue, Green, etc.

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