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Log Cabin Dog House Pet Wood House Kennel with flat roof

1.Outback Extreme Dog House
2.Solid Timber Dog Box
3.Wooden floor and weatherproof roof
4 Natural fir, natural color stain

Wooden Dog House: IDH013




S: 850*580*580mm, Door size: 260*388mm

M: 1040*660*700mm, Door size: 300*453mm

L: 1160*760*820mm, Door size: 300*519mm

XL: 1260*850*860mm, Door size: 360*519mm



1) Made from natural fir and treated with natural color stains

2) Tough durable construction with wooden floor and weatherproof roof.

3) UV resistant / weatherproof designed for all Australian weather conditions.

4) Sturdy hinged roof access.  This allows the roof to be propped open in summer for added ventilation.

5) Adjustable legs for uneven ground.

6) Easily assembled (10 minutes is normally enough - it's much easier than Ikea furniture!!!).

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