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Luxury Pet Fountain 3L/101.5oz Cat Water Dispenser Automatic Electric Clean and Healthy Pet Flowing Water Drink Fountain


Luxury Pet Fountain 3L/101.5oz Cat Water Dispenser Automatic Electric Clean And Healthy Pet Flowing Water Drink Fountain

item number: IDF504


Product Name: Pet Water Fountain

White+Transparent Frame

White+Black Frame

Black+Transparent Frame

Power Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Output: DC 5V 1A
Power Consumption: 1.5W
Single Package Size: 22*21.5*15.5cm
Single Package Weight: 1.0kg
Outer Box Size: 45*44*32cm
Packing Quantity: 8pcs
Outer Box GW: 8.9kg
Cable Length: 1.5m
Shell Material: Eco-friendly ABS Rsin with High Brightness Mirror
Purification Material: Food Grade Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Water Capacity: 3L
Certification: IPX8, CE, FCC, ROHS

1. Large Water Capacity: Water capacity- 101 oz, the capacity of this pet water fountian is great for cats and small to medium sized dogs.
2. Water Level Window: It is easier to observe the water level through the window of the cat fountain, you can refill water in time without the trouble to disassemble to check inside of fountain.
3. Attractive Flowing: More powerful water flowing in the gentle flat top to attract your pets to drink more water.
4. Easy to Clean: This automatic cat water dispenser can quickly release components allowing for easier disassembly and cleaning. The pet water fountain is equipped with 1 filter and 1 cleaning brush.
5. Low-Noise Pet Fountain: The Ultra low noise water pump and low consumption can work at night and won't affect your sleep.



1. For indoor usage only: Due to the water level induction device equipped inside, the product should be placed on flat ground as far as possible, otherwise it may affect the normal use of the product.
2. The power adapter connector should not be soaked.3. The position of the power adapter should be higher than the water dispenser body to prevent water splashing into the plug.
4. This machine uses power adapter of 5V, do not use power adapter of other brand.

5. Do not allow pets to bite this product.
6. It is recommended to place mats under this product in order to reduce noise and splashing.

Q&A and Troubleshooting:

1. How often should the filter cartridge be replaced?
Depending on the user's usage frequency, it is generally recommended to replace the filter cartridge every 20-30 days.
2. Why are black particles found in pet water dispensers
This is a normal situation. Some fine carbon particles will fall off during the transportation of filter. Therefore, before using
filter, customers need to wash it at the front and back several times with tap water.
3. How often do you need to clean your pet water dispenser?
It is recommended to clean at least once every two weeks. In areas with hard water quality (It is easy to leave scale on the inner wall of water dispenser by using hard water), please clean it once a week.
4. How long can the pump motor last for working?
This machine uses pump motor with long life, the motor can keep on working for 20,000 hours (more than 2 years) under the normal condition.
5. Does water dispenserThis product uses ultra of clectricity every day?
This Product uses ultra-low power pump with an average power consumption of 1.5W. It is calculated by working 24 hours a day continuously. The power consumption in one month is about 1 KWH, and the total power consumption in one year is about 13KWH.
6. Does the water dispenser make a lot of noise?

This product uses ultra-quiet water pump, the noise is about 35 dB when working normally. Power off function is included due to water shortage is included.

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