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Order Monitoring of Pet Products in China

If you can’t be personally visiting to do the Order Monitoring at the crucial moments during your production, it’s necessary to deploy somebody who can take over from you. It is also helpful during your negotiations to have local people by your side to represent you in the language of the supplier.

Please note, as a foreigner you can’t simply ask a Chinese friend to get it done for you. In China, a Chinese entity should offer somebody with work and pay tax on it. Failure to so and it’ll ever go wrong with this person serving you will cause an issue the next time you arrive in China.

Order Monitoring is not an easy work

Also, it’s necessary to be very clear regarding what exactly you expect from the production. The manufacturer will have a different understanding of how the product ought to ultimately be than you. Avoid using inferior components by drawing up a clear BOM.

Factories always have problems on the lead time, simply because they promise too many customers they can deliver on time, but actually they can’t promise all the orders to be delivered at the right time, so that means someone’s order will be dropped down, if you can’t timely visit them, then you will be the “someone”.

Sourcing a manufacturer for a product just takes a few hours, but managing production will usually last 20-60 days. Our experienced engineer helps you coordinate with manufacturers all the time, to ensure products are made exactly according to your demands.

Order Monitoring is the key to deliver on time

If you are familiar with the factory production process and can visit the factory as soon as the order is first placed, have a meeting with the factory salesman and production staff, to determine the estimated completion time of each production process, and control at these critical time points, to detect delays in time, rather than until the final delivery time. Then the factory will know that they can’t “squeeze out production time” from you.

In order to avoid trouble, there is a good chance that your order will be prioritized. So that your order can be delivered on time always. We call this process “Order Monitoring”, which is critical to your time to market.

Our advantage of Order Monitoring

If you do not have the time and conditions to do Order Monitoring, we Inspirer Pet will be happy to help you. Since our office is very close to your suppliers, we can go to the factories, at any critical time to supervise and to do an inspection, and issue an Order Monitoring report. Moreover, even we have the opportunity to find and correct production errors in time, to reduce waste and risk, and protect your order.

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