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Pet Comb Dog Grooming Tools

1.Pet Comb (Head Replaceable)
2.Pet Hair Shedding Grooming Tool Trimmer

Pet Comb (Head Replaceable): IDG131


Material: Q handle: ABS+TPR; Blade:stainless steel+ABS+TPR 



Q handle Size: 168*42mm, N.W.:75g,

(S)50MM Blade,replaceable, Size: 71*56*5mm, N.W.:35g

(M)66MM Blade,replaceable, Size: 82*56*5mm, N.W.:45g

(L)76MM Blade,replaceable, Size: 92*56*5mm, N.W.:50g 
(XL)100MM Blade,replaceable, Size: 110*56*5mm, N.W.:65g

MOQ: 3,000pcs  



1) Quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair without damaging the topcoat

2) Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb or rake

3) Works great on all shedding, long and short-haired dogs and cats

4) Brings out the pet's natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny topcoat

5) Helps to eliminate hairballs in cats .

6) Reduce the amount of airborne elements which cause allergic reactions

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