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Pet Expand-A-Crate

1.Pet Expand-A-Crate
2.Lightweight and Portable
3.Folds Flat for Easy Storage
4.Sherpa Floor Mats

Pet Expand-A-Crate: IDC065




1) S: 46*38*41cm / 18*15*16 inch

2) M: 64*46*53cm / 25*18.25*21 inch

3) L: 79*55*60cm / 31.25*21.5*23.5 inch

4) XL: 93*63*67cm / 36.75*24.75*26.25 inch

5) XXL: 109*71*81cm / 43*28*32 inch 

6) XXXL: 122*78*89cm / 48*31*35 inch



1) Expanding and collapsing ventilated right side that gives one or more pets added space to lounge

2) Roll down night covers on back and side panels

3) Soft flexible mesh panels for air circulation

4) Use indoors or outdoors, as well as travelling


Available color: Maroon, Royal Blue, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Pink, Grey 


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