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Quality Inspection of Pet Product in China

Produce confidently. Gain insight into the state of affairs, production processes, and manufacture by quality inspection.

When you have a product produced in China, it’s vital that you simply pay attention to these things. After all, you’re not there to check what comes out of the manufacture and what’s going to actually be shipped. To avoid you from running into disappointments (and higher costs), Inspirer Pet is happy to carry out quality inspections on-site for you.

Quality Management – it’s more than quality inspection

In addition to quality inspection, you can gain extra insight into if your agreed delivery times are going to be kept and under which conditions production takes place. Inspirer Pet offers you the chance to have quality management at your factory in China at a lot of important moments during the production process, particularly during:

Incoming quality check
In-progress quality check
Final quality assurance
Container-Loading inspection

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In addition to the checks mentioned above, we are able to do a check for you at any time you are feeling that a visit to the manufacture is needed for any reason (you won’t receive a phone call or no extra responses to your e-mails).

Quality Inspection in pet products industry

Back to pet products industry, we can carry out inspection tests including raw material inspection, dimension inspection, assemble inspection, weight inspection, coating thickness inspection, color difference inspection, gloss difference inspection, salt spray test, drop test, paint impact test, load bearing test, destruction test, tensile test and so on.

All these tests make sure the quality of the pet products you will receive.

Thanks to our year’s experience in the pet products factories, we know better than any company else on both factory production and quality inspection. Our Suzhou office makes it easier to go to your suppliers at any time, which makes sure your goods will always be delivered on time, at the right quantity and the right quality. When there’s any problem happens, we can not only send you a report but also come with our proposed solution.

Whether you are a buyer or a business owner, you’re totally risk-free by working with us.

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