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Stainless Steel Dog Meta Bowl Feeder

1.Stainless Steel Pet Bowl, Feeder
2.With Rubber Ring Non Skid
3.Stainless Steel Pet Dish
4.Wholesale Price, Paw Print

Stainless Steel Pet Bowl: IDF002


Material: Stainless Steel 201




S: 12*15*6.5cm

M: 15*19.5*7.5cm

L: 17.5*21.5*9.5cm



1) These BRAND NEW bowls are perfect for dogs, cats, and other pets.

2) Durable, bacteria resistant, dish washer safe (after removing the rubber ring) stainless steel construction.

3) Sloped exterior sidewalls to help prevent your pet from tipping the dish over.

4) A rubber ring around the base helps the bowl "grip" the floor so you pet cannot push it around and cause damage/scratching/spills.

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