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2 Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch House


Wooden Rabbit House Hutch: IRH007




S: 91.5*45*94 cm / 36 x 18 x 37 inches 

L: 116*63*105 cm / 46 x 25 x 41 inches



1) Small animal hutch with enclosure protect against humidity and cold floors and ensure good air circulation

2) The shed roof for easy access to refill food & water

3) Pull out drawer for easy cleanin

4) Lockable metal slide bolts on all doors

5) Specially designed ,water resistant shingle roof

6) Provides your rabbits a  affordable, durable and comfortable habitat. 

7) With a Ramp for your animals to get in and out

8) Heavy duty galvanized wire helps keep rabbits in and predators out

9) Includes: one Living House, and a large Playing Area

10) Removable bottom sliding pan allows for easy cleaning access

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