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Small Animal Pet Wooden Cage

1.Rabbit Hutch
2 Stories 2.Double Stack Bunny Hutch
3.Bunny guinea pig rabbit, small animals
4.Double Decker,2 levels space

Wooden Rabbit House Hutch: IRH003




S: 91.5*45*91 cm / 36 x 18 x 36 inches 

L: 116*63*108 cm / 46 x 25 x 42.5 inches



1) Made of powder coated wire, fir, non-toxic stain

2) Winter- and weatherproof and easy to clean. 

3) 2 levels of space

4) Pull-out plastic tub for fast and easy cleaning. 

5) Comfy nesting box included

6) Specially designed , water resistant shingle roof

7) Designed for use outdoors, on patio and in garage

8) Easy to clean slide out plastic pans

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