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Folding Pet Carrier Soft Sided Dog Crate

1.Soft Sided Folding Carrier
2.Top Handle, Shoulder Strap
3.Individual Carry Case
4.Removable, Machine-Washable Pad

Soft Sided Dog Crate: IDC036




1) S: 23*15*15.5cm / 9 x 6 x 6 inch

2) M: 29*20*20.5cm / 11 x 8 x 10 inch

3) L: 43*27.5*28cm / 17 x 11 x 11 inch



1) Mesh panels with roll-up shades guarantee maximum privacy and ventilation for your pet.

2) Can be folded and stored away, very easy to set up.

3) zipper on the top and end to make lifting your pet in and out easy and safe.

4) Comes with a top handle, shoulder strap, individual carry case, and removable, machine-washable pad.

5) Easy to clean- just rinse with water Airline friendly- fits under the airline seat in front of you and meets most in-cabin guidelines.


Available color: Maroon, Royal Blue, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Pink, Brown 

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