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Folding Pet Soft Crate

1.Folding Dog Kennel Portable Pet Cage Soft Pet Tent
2.Zippered divider
3.Each side zippered door
4.Plenty of vents, sunshade

Nylon Folding Dog Kennel China Pet Tent


Large tent-style crate: IDC029



120*68*74 cm / 47 x 27 x 29 inches



1) The crate has a zippered divider in the center and can be used for two animals at the same time. 

2) Each side has it's own zippered door.

3) Plenty of vents to keep your pet cool inside or out. 

4) Would also make a good sunshade for a day at the park or the family picnic.

5) Setup: Unzip the case and upack the crate. It pretty much springs into position by itself.

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